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"I found my course in Certificate III in Individual Support really great and I had the best trainer to teach me. Thank you Stanley College for helping me find work placement at MercyCare in Wembley. I had a fantastic 4 weeks with them! MercyCare is a wonderful workplace to work at and the staff were great!"

Shaun Callaghan, South Africa,
Certificate III in Individual Support (Ageing)

At Stanley College, a Student is Not Just a Number

Traditional universities are usually large institutions with many priorities, in which students can sometimes find it difficult to find their way. Whether navigating a campus the size of a small town, or finding a seat in a large auditorium to hear a lecture from a person they don’t know and who can’t see them, students can feel isolated and disconnected.

Stanley College has three comfortably sized campuses, each with a set of clearly defined and distinct purposes that students quickly become familiar with. More like a village than a city, each campus provides a friendly environment in which people learn to know each other quickly. Everyone knows their way around, and there’s plenty of space for relaxation. Students mingle freely with each other, and are often able to interact with academic staff informally.

Our training is hands-on, and your learning is personalized. Trainers and lecturers usually know every student by name within a week or two of meeting them, and class sizes are such that every student can be seen and heard. Each student is able to discuss their learning in both small groups and with the whole class. All lecturers and trainers are able to follow each of their student’s progress closely, providing timely assistance as appropriate and encouragement at all times.

Stanley College acknowledges that its campuses are situated on Noongar land. We pay respect to the Wadjuk people, their Elders, past, present and emerging, who remain the spiritual and cultural custodians of the land.