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Terms and Conditions

Access and use
By accessing the online applications via Stanley College’s website at for the purposes of submitting and processing your application in a course or unit of study offered by Stanley College, you agree that you have read and agree to be bound by the terms and conditions set out below. You will be prompted to agree to be bound by the terms and conditions prior to submitting any information.

Changes and updates to the Website
Stanley College may in its absolute discretion and without notice change these terms and conditions at any time, including (but not limited to) changes to its Website, such as information provided about admission requirements, course content, course fees and student support services. Stanley College will publish these changes on this webpage or elsewhere on this Website.

Accuracy and currency of information and material on webpages
You acknowledge that whilst every reasonable effort has been made to include all relevant information on the pages of this Website about the Courses (including the content of those Courses and fees), this cannot be guaranteed, given that information is gathered from numerous sources, departments and faculties. Stanley College cannot and does not guarantee that any information on this Website is correct or up to date.

The relevant authorised officers and departments of Stanley College can provide correct and up to date information on the Course in which you are interested. You must consult them directly to confirm the accuracy and currency of the information found on any page of this Website (including information about Course content and fees). You must do this before taking any step towards enrolment at Stanley College.

Above all, you must not, and you undertake not to, rely on the information on this Website to submit an application, enrol in any Course, or make any decision or take any other steps.

Submitting an Application
You agree that when you apply to be enrolled in a Course that:

  • in response to each question or request for information on this Website, you have provided in your Application all information within your knowledge, having conducted all reasonable inquiries;
  • all information supplied by you as part of your Application is in no way misleading and/or deceptive and completely accurate as at the date of your Application;
  • you will directly notify Stanley College immediately should any information contained in your Application no longer comply with these Terms, or be completely accurate at the time that you are formally enrolling with us, and you agree to advise Stanley College so that it has an opportunity to consider what impact this may have on your enrolment;
  • you will pay any applicable fees or other liabilities incurred by you in applying to or undertaking the Course, either on demand or otherwise when provided for;
  • Stanley College’s policies and procedures (as may be amended from time to time) apply to your admission, enrolment and payment of fees;
  • you and anyone nominated by you, agree to receiving communications from Stanley College via email; and
  • you understand that your Application and enrolment at Stanley College is subject to you complying with these terms and conditions

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