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Do you want to know what everyone at Stanley College Is up to? Then check out our Photo Gallery and see the snapshots taken at various activities, events, and happenings we have organised for the school year. These photos can show you the daily lives of our students and give you an idea on what our students have been doing.


At Stanley College, we regularly organise various events for all our students. These events are designed to enrich student’s experience and provide them with practical knowledge that will help them with their chosen careers in the future. Some of the events we have organised in the past include Asian buffet (for our students who are pursuing careers in the culinary industry) and Career Expo.

Social Activities

Obtaining higher education is more than just going to classes and studying your lessons. Every student needs to mingle and socialise with their fellow students, too. Our dedicated events coordinator organises a wide range of social activities for all our students. These activities include soccer games in Russel Square and our annual International Festival. Through these activities, students can meet new friends, practice their English, and immerse themselves in Perth culture.

Student Lunch Special

When you're studying Commercial Cookery, having practical experience is as important as gaining theoretical knowledge. During Student Lunch Special, we give our students the opportunity to showcase their cooking skills and put in practice what they have learned in the classroom.  Students get to practice in Stanley College Commercial Kitchens and prepare different dishes to be enjoyed by guests and their fellow students.

Outstanding Students

Students are inspired on their studies when they received Acknowledgement, Recognition and Credit. At Stanley College, we always make sure to honour and recognise students who have done an outstanding job, whether in their studies or in their extracurricular activities. Take a look at the students who have brought pride and inspiration to our community.

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